Where is Yuma 50 Located

Our records reside with the Yuma Visitors Bureau and share space in their office located at 180 W. 1st Street, Suite D, Yuma, AZ 85364. Our website is, Yuma 50.org

Is Yuma 50 a Non-Profit Organization?

The Yuma 50 is a 501c-6, Non-profit Organization

Is there a Registration Fee?

Yes, annual membership fees:
Individual Membership – $100
Corporate Member – $500
Non-profit Organization – $250

Do You have to be Ex-Military to be a Member?

No, anyone can apply for membership, civilian or military.

How are the Yuma 50 Monies Used?

All proceeds Yuma 50 receives are used for support efforts for MCAS and YPG.