Home to the new F-35B squadron, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is key to military preparedness and success.

The Air Station hosts semi-annual Weapons and Tactics Instructor exercises that are only possible because of the unique conditions and landscape. MCAS Yuma encompasses 10 square miles of land area and 1810 square miles including the ranges and an additional 10,000 square miles Special Use Airspace.

  • Special Use Airspace: 10,000 square miles
  • Military Personnel: 3681
  • Civilian Personnel: 924
  • Contractors: 1118
  • Economic Impact: $583 million
  • Conducts 80% of USMC Tactical Air Training
  • 1.2 million Acres of Lands for Training and Future Mission Growth
  • USMC Operates the Yuma FAA ATC Sector (only DOD FAA sector controller)
  • Has One of Only Two Supersonic Test Corridors in the USA
  • Chocolate Mountain (CA) Range One of Only Two Places in USA for Live Cluster Munitions Training
  • Customs and Border Protection Operations into USMC-Controlled BMGR